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Dexios is a global IT consulting services company specializing in information systems architecture, messaging systems and enterprise collaboration.

We also provide consulting and auditing services, information systems analysis and bid outsourcing in the following areas: Dematerialization, Legal Archiving, Identity and Access Management (IAM), IT Infrastructure.

2005: Creation of DEXIOS CONSULTING in Grenoble (France). Company specialized in consulting and N -tier information systems architecture studies .

2013: Creation of DEXIOS MADAGASCAR Antananarivo (Madagascar). Digital services company, with four strategic business areas : Consulting, architectural studies , Application Development , Training.



To be the reference Digital Services company in the Indian Ocean region


implementing technological solutions , trying to respond acutely to requests from stakeholders (stakeholders ) .


Listen, because this is the primordial meet the expressed needs Expertise, because we stand for excellence in everything we do Service, because otherness is our immeasurable wealth.

DEXIOS CONSULTING - Votre entreprise de services du numerique


Solutions offshore

DEXIOS vous propose un large panel de solutions offshore pour vous permettre de vous concentrer sur votre cœur de métier. Auto-entrepreneurs, professions libérales, artisans, PME, confiez-nous les fonctionnalités suivantes : Comptabilité …


training offer by profile Developer :  Programing Modules( 2 to 3 months depending on programing language) Software Modeling : Software Design & Modeling + Programing Modules( 6 weeks ) Network …